Monday, December 8, 2008

Natural Connection, 2008. Arnhem-Netherlands

                                                                                 Natural Connection was produced at the International Festival of the Arts in Arnhem-Netherlands under the theme: Art, Migration and Identity. It focuses on issue of the common ground for all cultures/races with reference to movement which is usually constrained among these. As i have always said, water unites every body even with the environment. It does not recognize any boundaries and moves freely. These are walls of water bottles; they remind me of the cultural, racial, and gender barriers, and differences we have created for ourselves. The plastic bottles are not environmentally friendly, and therefore reminds me of the barrier with the environment. It is made to be experienced hence, it is interactive. It was exhibited in alternative spaces(not in gallery or museum), like shopping mall and a space in a neighborhood of immigrants who are disconnected from the Dutch indigenous society of Arnhem.

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